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San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

March 18-22, 2015 San Mateo Event Center San Mateo, CA

What is the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show?

It is a public exhibition held each spring at the San Mateo Event Center just south of the San Francisco airport (SFO.) As one of the top exhibitions of its kind in the United States,

  • the Show covers more than 5-acres
  • includes full-sized designer showcase gardens
  • ways to grow, prepare, preserve your own fresh, organic food
  • hundreds of flowers and floral designs and
  • tens of thousands of wonderful plants and garden-related products to buy.

A full range of free seminars, exhibits and demonstrations provide continuous opportunities to learn about landscaping, gardening, growing & preparing garden-fresh food, designing with flowers and creating fantastic garden spaces in your home, school and community. There is something for everyone.


It’s about LEARNING…
with the west’s best garden experts

Garden Tribe’s Speaker Series brings us 80+ talks by more than 60 of our favorite experts. From garden design to modern homesteading, from water-wise gardening to wildlife friendly habitat creation, you’ll learn how to transform your garden. All included in the price of admission.

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It’s about GARDENS
and great DESIGN…

While the floral designs and special exhibits are not to be missed, the main attraction at the Show are the fabulous,  full-sized showcase gardens; designed and constructed by the leading designers from the Bay area and beyond. The wonderful gardens demonstrate the latest and best in design principles, garden materials and sustainable plant choices. The designers are on hand to answer questions.


Flowers are our middle name….thousand and thousands of gorgeous blooms….they will be everywhere.

Visit the Flower Pavilion for one of the fifteen award-winning floral design programs featuring award-winning designers like Katherine Zhang and Katharina Stuart.

Attend the special Celebration of Flowers, Floral Design and Flower Fashion hosted by the American Institute of Floral Designers on Friday night. Meet Im Farrell, President of AIFD and Joyce Mason-Monheim, President-Elect.


Take advantage of International Floral Lecture Demonstration Series brought to the Show by Occasion! Get a ticket for the special Floral Lecture-Demonstrations and “Hands on” Floral Design Workshops featuring internationally acclaimed Bay area designers Soho Sakai, Natasha Lisitsa & Svetlana Chernayvsky and world renowned German Master Florists Björn Kroner & Brigitte Heinrichs….

Or head over to the Garden Tribe Stage and watch such luminaries as Debra Prinzing, Baylor Chapman and Debra Lee Baldwin as they create arrangements that are little wild and a lot sustainable incorporating living plants and fresh-picked elements for a very natural aesthetic.


Whether you are into old-fashioned, down-home living or uptown beekeeper, there are opportunities for you to develop new skills or hone your current skills.


Join the the folks from Mountain Feed & Farm in the Urban Homestead Pavilion for ongoing, daily demonstrations of pickling, canning, fermenting, cider-making, beekeeping, and more…


and hear the GardenTribe experts cover everything from bees to chickens, ferments to dyes, shrubs to jams–bringing the spirit of the homestead into your life.


It’s about fresh, wholesome FOOD…

EDIBLE PLANTS….Grow them. Prepare them. ENJOY!

There’s nothing like a homegrown tomato…and peas and beans and asparagus and on and on!

You can grow your own free and wholesome food in a plot in your backyard, in a container on your balcony or even on your windowsill. Experts explain how to grow, prepare, preserve and present delicious dishes….all from your garden! Then, select your seeds or healthy young plants, as well as everything you need to easily grow them, from a huge selection in the Plant Marketplace.

…it’s all about the PLANTS!

Flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, vegetables, fruit, seeds…they are all plants or parts of plants. Our lives depend upon plants.

This morning you ate and drank plants. orange juice, tomato juice, maple syrup, fruit, cereal, bread & muffins made from flour

You may be wearing plants.  cotton, denim, linen

Some of your favorite things come from plants. pizza sauce & dough, chocolate, vanilla, popcorn, peanuts,the sheets the on your bed, rubber erasers, perfume, strawberries, paychecks, cinnamon & wedding bouquets

Some things you see but never take time to think about come from plants. blue jeans, medicine, wood, houses, furniture, aspirin, beer and wine, pepper,
 books and newspapers

But most important of all, plants sustain our lives. Whether they are creating (and filtering) the air we breath or surrounding us in the beauty that is nature, plants nourish and heal our souls and our bodies.

The San Francisco Flower & Garden Show is a celebration of flowers and gardens which makes it a celebration of plants. See the beauty, feel the texture, smell the fragrance, taste the freshness… come to the show and meet the plants and the people who keep them growing!

The latest news…

Opening Nigh Party announced…

 National Wildlife Federation Celebration

The San Francisco Flower & Garden Show is please to announce that the 2015 Opening Night Celebration will be a partnership with the National Wildlife Federation to honor the work being done by the NWF and to promote the NWF “Backyard Habitat” program.    MORE

There is so much to see
and do at the Show…

All for just the price of admission….
and kids under 16 are free!


Pollinator Pavilion

The Association of Professional Landscape Designers is offering personal garden consultations at the Show.


A Celebration of Flowers, Floral Design and Floral Fashion

A collaboration between the SW and NW Regions of AIFD present a Celebration of Flowers, Floral Design and Floral Fashion on Friday evening, March 20.


Mountain Feed & Farm

Play with Your Food: Homesteading for Everyone.


Garden Design Magazine

Billy Goodnick’s talks are sponsored by Garden Design Magazine, the premier lifestyle magazine edited for the upscale, design-conscious reader who is passionate about the beauty of gardening.


Occasion! International Floral Design Lecture-Demo Series

Occasion! Presents: the International Floral Design Lecture-Demonstration Series


Occasion! International Floral Design Workshops

For the first time ever, Ocsasion! is bringing International GOLD Medal Champions to San Francisco. Master Florist & Teacher Bjorn Kroner and Brigitte Heinrichs will lead special design workshops and seminars.


National Wildlife Federation Opening Night Celebration

The opening night celebration for the 2015 San Francisco FLower & Garden Showw ill be a friend raiser in support of the National Wildlife Federation.


Wegmans Nursery Presents….

Miniature fairy garden workshops for fairies of all ages.


Seminars by Interest

Five-days of free, nonstop talks by flower and garden experts on topics that are of most interest to gardeners today.


APLD “Ask A Designer” Booth


Study Photography with the Experts

SPECIAL HANDS-ON PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS: Learn alongside the international acclaimed garden photographers.


Garden Tribe Speaker

Five-days of free, nonstop talks by flower and garden experts on topics that are of most interest to gardeners today.

How to Participate in the 2015 Show…

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Where do 40,000 garden shoppers head each March? To the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, of course.  It’s a great opportunity to easily reach this important market.
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LEND A HAND… BE AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE SHOW. There may be a role you can play in exchange for a great experience & free tickets to the show.