San Mateo Event Center
APRIL 5 - 9, 2017

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Information Exhibitors need to know!

Thank your for joining us as an exhibitor at the 2017 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show.  The exhibitor information will be updated as the 2017 Show approaches.

The Exhibitor Manual will provide detailed information on the Show and your set-up. Please read it carefully as it will explain your move-in and move-out procedures. Below are the links to the Exhibitor Manual and all of the order forms.

Items to note

  • All exhibitors are required to submitted an Additional Insured Certificate.
  • If you will be selling food or beverage, whether you sample or not, you are required to submit the San Mateo County Health Department forms to the Show, not to the Health Department.
  • You have 500 watts of electrical service with your exhibit space regardless of the total size. If you need additional power, order it in advance to avoid the increased floor prices.
  • Your move-in time will be assigned based on your booth location. You will not be allowed to move in prior to your assigned time.
  • Purchase your parking passes in advance. It is $8/day and includes in and out privileges. Daily parking from the Event Center will be $12/day without in and out privileges.


Below are the links to the information and forms you will need as an exhibitor.  The Exhibitor Manual and order forms will be available in early January 2017.



The Decorator order forms will be available early January 2017.  At that time you will have available order forms for furniture, carpet, forklift, booth cleaning service and freight handling.

  • 2017 Exhibitor Order Form
  • 2017 Freight Handling Forms

Electrical Service

Your exhibit space will include 500 watts of electrical service. If you require additional power, you will need to order additional power from the Show’s electrical contractor.  The order forms will be available early January 2017.

  • Electrical Order Form


All exhibitors are required to submit an “Additional Insured Certificate” to include the following as additional insureds: 

The San Francisco Flower & Garden Show; Larsen Enterprises, LLC; the State of California; San Mateo County Exposition and Fair Operator; San Mateo County; their agents, officers, directors, servants and employees.

If you do not have insurance coverage that can provide an Additional Insured Certificate, you may purchase an event-only policy from Rainprotection Insurance Company.

Health Permit for Food Vendors

If you will be selling or offering samples of food or beverage to the public, you must submit the San Mateo County Health Temporary Event Food Vendor Application (TEFVA). You are required to obtain this permit whether you sample or not.  Regardless of other licenses or permits you or your co-packer might have San Mateo County Health Department requires you also obtain a permit from their office. The Show is required to submit all TEFVA to the Health Department. Once you have completed the online form, save it to your computer and either e-mail toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax to 415-684-7281. PLEASE NOTE: San Mateo County Health Department recently raised their fees. If you had already paid these fees, you will have additional fees due.

Reseller’s Permit

The State of California requires that you have a seller’s permit if you will be selling merchandise, booking orders, or taking leads at this show.

Below is the link to the California State Board of Equalization website’s E-Reg questionnaire page. Click on “Register Online” to apply for a Temporary Sellers Permit number online. If you would rather do it in person or another way, scroll down to see other options. By answering a few questions, you’ll be able to determine if your company is required to get a State of California Seller’s (Resale) Permit. You may also contact the State of California State Board of Equalization directly by calling (800) 400-7115.

RV Parking

RV Parking is available at the San Mateo Event Center. Click on the link below for reservation information: