Alameda County Fairgrounds
APRIL 7 – 10, 2022


hortus californicacelebrating the diversity of her people, plants and cultures


We are an organization dedicated to presenting and preserving the rich history of California’s diverse people, plants and cultures, and the complex interdependence they have within her fragile ecosystems.



To build a world class, sustainable organization and botanical garden that shares rare collections of flora and fauna for all to enjoy supports an International Sustainability and Research Center displays unique ecosystems, habitats, and panoramas of California provides opportunities for artistic, educational, and cultural enrichment influences the future through innovative design and environmental conservation conserves historical accounts, and then disseminates that knowledge to future generations invites the world to experience California’s unique and diverse cultural and ecological mosaic.



People for centuries have made this land their home. From the arrival of the first human to the latest immigrant, all have contributed to the shaping of California. From the dawn of time, this immense and ecologically diverse landform called California has been the new home to people from all over the world. California’s many people, plants and cultures share an interdependence with her environment complex and unlike any found in the world. These relationships, and the fascinating stories that embody the history of this precious land, are important for us to share and preserve.

Plants touch virtually every aspect of our lives. With more ecological diversity than any other state, California’s native plant palette is extensive, and vital to thousands of indigenous animal species. Imported plant species and exotics are just as diverse, and have had a profound impact on the growth and advancement of the state’s inhabitants and industry. From their inception, human civilizations have depended upon plants for their progress and prosperity. Our continued study of these natural wonders is vital to our survival, as well as the future health of the planet.

Distinct cultures from six continents have left their footprints on this land. They brought their knowledge, customs, plants, medicine, and personal determination. After settling here, people integrated their foods, languages and traditions throughout every region of the state. Much of these customs were influenced by the plants they brought, or by plants they found once here. Entire civilizations have been built on plants and agriculture, and so it is with the many rich traditions established here that are in need of being shared, chronicled and documented.



An organization dedicated to presenting and preserving the rich history of California’s diverse people, plants and cultures. Their history brought to life through research, storytelling and representational gardens of their native countries a place where California’s spectacular horticultural heritage can be celebrated!